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WORKING DRAWINGS ... These are the drawings for your building approval.

Typically a set of our Working Drawings for a Multi-level residence consists of approx. 15 to 20 sheets of drawings, and these include the following for the purposes of a successful building experience and Council Approval.

  • Site Plan ... if a home, this will include site and roof water drainage, and setout plan.
  • Slab Setout Plans, showing and dimensioning step-downs etc, making the concretor’s job mistake proof.
  • Bolt/Frame Plan (on request).. this plan dimensions the location of the bolts in the slab at ends of bracing panels, also dimensions slab bolt locations to the sides of openings, and also gives the dimension of the frame openings for the carpenter.
  • Constructions Details of standard and non-standard connections.
  • Floor Plans ... includes all structural wall members sizes, beams, etc.
  • Elevations
  • Ground Floor Timber Framing Plan ... gives all member sizes and dimensioned locations.
  • Cross Sections ... In some projects we have provided up to 8 cross sections to ensure that the builder didn’t have to guess what to do. (Councils only require 1 cross section for Building Approval)... No short cuts here.
  • Bracing Plans to resist all design wind speeds, including holding-down details for all design wind speeds. Includes locations of girder trusses and lintel beam sizes.
  • Finishing Details ... These drawings detail wall features, recess etc and Fireplace details.
  • Electrical Plans ... Blank plans for design by the client.
  • Extent of Floor Covering Plans ... Blank plans for the design by the client
  • Schedule of Fittings and Finishes ... Essential for Tendering to ensure that all builders are quoting on the same items.
  • We can also assist with referral to our color consultant/interior designer.
  • We can also refer our clients to our Landscape Architect to co-ordinate the colors of the project with the color and texture of the project.

Our aim is for Total Client and Builder Satisfaction.

This is a small sample of a part of the Working Drawing Floor Plan and Elevations, and is very typical of the standard of our work. Internet resolution restricts the true line work, but still gives an indication to the extent of detail and information we provide to our clients.




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